The Architecture of Life: Truehome Workshop Seminars

The Architecture of Life - Christopher K. Travis

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Truehome Workshop Seminars

I am excited to announce that starting early in 2009, I will be offering both consulting services and weekend seminars in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas based upon demand.

Ever since my techniques for designing homes that "fit who people are" were the subject of a major article in the New York Times last July, people have asked when I might offer the Truehome Workshop in a seminar format.

In the last several months, between my architecture firm and the work that was going on at, I could not see how I could pull that off. But the international media attention our project has received has convinced me there is a demand.

Go Magazine, the Texas A & M architecture school, the San Antonio Express News, Hommes Magazine in Athens, Greece and the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia have all run stories on me and our approach to design.

The last chapter of Sam Gosling's popular book Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You lauds our project. Sam is a brilliant University of Texas behavioral psychologist who just won the APA's "2008 Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contribution to Psychology" award, so to have his endorsement is quite a feather in my cap.

Blogs have lauded my efforts to "disrupt the way in which people think about architecture". It's been a fun ride and all indications are that it will continue. As a result we decided the time to develop a seminar program is now. We hope to have our first event scheduled in Austin by March of 2009.

I will also make myself available for speaking engagements and for group consulting about how to effectively create a home that fits. We use the Truehome methods on institutional projects too, particularly non-profit and religious institutions.

By special arrangement, I will also entertain speaking engagements at other locations outside the geographic market in which my architecture firm operates.

The seminars will be open to both consumers and professionals - like architects and interior designers - who want to be trained to use the Truehome Workshop or to develop their own methods of applying psychology and human factors to their design practices.

If you have an interest in attending a seminar or arranging a speaking engagement, contact me via e-mail at; or by phone at either our Austin office at 512-444-0777 or in my office in Round Top at 979-249-5961.

I look forward to meeting you and spreading the gospel of designing "homes that fit the lives of real people."