The Architecture of Life: Truehome Back to Work!

The Architecture of Life - Christopher K. Travis

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Truehome Back to Work!

I am excited to announce that Nidiant Corporation, the company my son, Ben Travis and I formed almost three years ago to take the Truehome Workshop onto the Internet at - has recieved its first outside funding!

This means within the next month we will be back at work on the website and will able to make the changes and upgrades that are needed to take it to market.

Since our software has been complete for a while, our work will mainly involve improving the user interface and user experience of our online products and the logged in user areas that are currently offline.

We hope to have our first round of products available by early this Fall and we are very excited!

In the meantime we are looking for a lot of different types of partners as we begin our "company building" project. We will be looking for angels with strong web 2 management experience as Truehome is in part a place where people can collaborate with friends and professionals to work on their projects.

We are also looking for a couple of brilliant developers - someone great at dynamic flash development - and a front end developer with strong UI and UX skills and mastery of html and CSS.

Given the negative conversations going on out there about the economy, we are proud we are succeeding at "swimming against the tide."

Truehome is on the way home!