The Architecture of Life: A Boost from "Topranked Wellness Sites"

The Architecture of Life - Christopher K. Travis

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Boost from "Topranked Wellness Sites"

Andreas Guibeb, the author of two popular blogs - Top Ranked Wellness Sites and Top Ranked Local Business Blog - posted a very positive review of Architecture of Life and our approach to design.

Andreas is a self-described "
Passionate evangelist for the promotion of all things in tune with our holistic (whole) mind, body and spirit wellness."

But he obviously knows a thing or two about blog promotion and SEO too. An interesting guy.

Here's a quote from his review:

"Christopher K. Travis, the Managing Partner of Sentient Architecture LLC, a Texas based full architecture services company reminds me of George Bernard Shaw’s tailor.

"George Bernard Shaw said that 'the only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor. He takes measurements anew, each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.'"

The whole article can be read here. Thanks for the shout out, Andreas!