The Architecture of Life: The Experience of a Healing Home

The Architecture of Life - Christopher K. Travis

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Experience of a Healing Home

Join me in a flight of the imagination.

Imagine yourself arriving home from a difficult day at work. As you open the door and walk across the threshold you experience a sudden rush of good feeling. The knot in the back of your neck begins to unravel.

You walk into your living room, get a cold drink, and sit down in your favorite chair. A warm smile settles on your face like a gentle morning sunrise, and you feel a profound sense of belonging.

You're home!

You look around the room as your body continues to relax. Special objects fill the space, each quietly communicating an important message to your subconscious that encourages your growing sense of well being.

You experience this sensation almost every day upon arriving home and over time have come to feel a sense of intimacy - and even partnership - with your home.

You think of it as a friend, a confidant. You feel secure, capable, and focused in its presence. Slowly, the day's stress is leeched away by your nurturing living space, and you come to a profoundly centered emotional space, one that you designed your home to produce.

All around you, contextual symbols encourage this process; symbols of your needs fulfilled; symbols of your personal developmental path; symbols of your higher goals and your positive social connections. Furnishings, decor and architectural conditions you associate with your family ties...your friends, your success, and your hopes for a better world lead you towards a life that you have consciously designed into your home.

Imagine further that your home has become your partner in empowering your relationship with your spouse, in nurturing your children, in building a successful and fulfilling career.

Imagine that your home is your teacher, your friend and your healer. Imagine that it is your place of power, the rock upon which you can build the life you dreamed of as a child…

Imagine that your home holds you in its arms like a loving mother cuddles her newborn babe. Your energy level rises. You are refreshed and ready to take the last step in what has become a daily ritual.

You surrender to a profoundly empowering sensation of "belonging," a feeling of fitting into a greater whole, a sense that you are understood and accepted – and after a lifetime of struggle - loved and appreciated for your true self.

That is what I mean when I talk about a "healing home."